This Privacy Statement outlines our Policy regarding gathering, using, and disclosing some information, including personal data associated with Internet performance testing services. This page informs you about our guidelines regarding the gathering, using and disclosing personal information when you utilise our Service and the options you can make regarding that data.

We use your information to improve and enhance the Service. When you use the Service, you agree to the Use and collection of your information per this Policy. If not defined otherwise by the Privacy Policy, the terms employed within this Privacy Policy will have the same meaning as the Terms and Conditions.

To comply with this Policy on privacy, we are accountable for processing personal information.

To read how we protect your privacy, read our Privacy Act. Scroll down.

What Categories of Information We May Process

Summary – Categories of Information We May Process

We might process: your personal information (e.g. your name) and demographic information (e.g. the age of your child) and your contact information (e.g. or your address) as well as the records of your consent; information about your purchase, the details of the employer you work for (where relevant) details of the interactions you have with our advertisements or our content and any other views or opinions you express to us.

We also may process information regarding you based on your Use of our services (e.g. your kind of device that you are using, the Internet service provider, etc. ) as well as the interactions you have with content and advertisements on the Services.

“Personal Information” refers to any person or information from which a person can be identified directly or indirectly.

“Process”, “Processing”, or “Processed” means anything that is performed with any Personal Information, whether or not through automated methods, including the collection, recording, organising, structuring storage, adaptation or modification retrieval, consultation usage, disclosure via transmission, dissemination or any other form of making it available, alignment or combination, restriction, or destruction.

We may process the following personal information about you:

We also collect different kinds of information from us or other sources and call “Other Information” in this Policy. This Policy could include but not be restricted to:

In certain situations and based on the law in force in Certain circumstances and based on applicable law, certain Other Information can be classified as Personal Information. Personal Information and other Information are further described as “User Information”.

Sensitive Personal Information


We do not attempt to collect or process sensitive personal information. When we have to process sensitive personal information to fulfil a legitimate need and be in compliance with the applicable law. Our Services are not designed to be used by children.

We don’t collect or use Personal Information regarding races or groups, ethnicity, political beliefs and beliefs, religious or philosophical views or trade union membership, physical or sexual health as well as any suspected or actual criminal offences or penalties or any other information considered to be sensitive under the GDPR and LGPD (collectively, “Sensitive Personal Information”) in the normal conduct in the course of conducting business. When it becomes essential to process sensitive Personal Information by GDPR or LGPD, We will base our decision on a legal basis:


The Services are not designed to be used by children, specifically those under 13 years old. Any person under 13 years old should give any personal information or participate in our discussion areas for public use forums, chat rooms or other areas. Children under 18 cannot purchase items via the Services or obtain coupons or vouchers from our Services to purchase products or services through third-party websites. Suppose, despite these prohibitions, your children share details about themselves on our public forums. In that case, There could be consequences that are not designed for children (for instance, they could receive unwanted messages from different organisations). If we discover that we’ve collected Personal Information from someone under 13 years of age, we will erase the information as soon as possible.

How We Collect or Create Information

Summary – Collection and Creation of Information

We may collect or get User Information about you directly from you (e.g. or when you make contact with us) or as part of our interaction with you (e.g. if you purchase) or when you decide to make your personal information accessible to the public (e.g. for instance, if you publish a post regarding us via social media) and when you download or install one of our Services or when you access our Services or register to use any portion of the Services or engage with any third-party advertising or content that you interact with through the Services. We also may receive the information you provide us from third-party sources (e.g. social networks, for example). Websites). We also may create user Information regarding you, including details regarding your communications with us. Telstra Speed test does not hold you accountable for Personal Information that you provide about yourself in public places on the Services. This Policy does not address the practices of third-party companies that might give information about the person you are to the TelstraSpeedtest.

Data Collection for information about users: we can collect information about you as a User via the following resources:

  1. Note it is important to note that Telstra Speed testing isn’t responsible for any details you provide regarding yourself in public areas of the Services, including forum discussions, comments sections, blogs, wikis, chat rooms, private messages, message boards, or any other public interactions or data that you decide to publish on any profile page of yours or different sections of the Services that permit the users to submit or publish content. We advise users against posting these types of Personal Information in this fashion. Yo
  2. u can modify your public information at any time through the profile section of your account. If you wish to request the removal of your personal information from these places, you must reach us through the DSAR Portal. In certain circumstances, it is possible that we need to be more capable of removing your personal information. In this instance, we will inform you that we cannot do this and explain why.
  3. This Privacy Policy does not address third-party companies’ practices, including those who divulge the Telstra speed test details.
  4. Creation of User Information. We could also collect User Information regarding you, like your interactions with us and your purchase history, to use for internal administration and analysis. We may also mix the data you supplied with information from third-party sources, such as social networks and other data collection entities.

Purposes for Which We May Process Your Information

Summary – Purposes for Which We May Process Your Information

We may Process User Information for the following reasons for providing you with the services in communication with you, providing advertisements to you via our Services and Channels, analyzing the engagement of our users by observing engagement of users and purchasing activity throughout channels and services; monitoring purchase behavior across Service and Channels providing business-to-business lead generation and lead generation services. We also offer speed tests by Telstra speed test and Sensorly for testing your internet connectivity. We also offer Downdetector, which informs you of the downtime of third-party services. Marketing our products and services to potential and existing customers, overseeing our computer systems, managing our finances, conducting surveys, assuring your systems are secure, conducting investigations when needed, complying with the law applicable to us, and improving our Services.

The reasons why we can process User Information as per the applicable law are:

What Information We Disclose to Third Parties

Summary – Disclosure of User Information to Third Parties

We may provide the User Information we collect to regulatory and legal authorities and our external advisor’s third parties that Process Users’ Information for us (“Processors”) or any other party that is required for the legal process; or any other party that is necessary to investigate the occurrence of criminal acts; any buyer of our business, and to any third-party providers of plugins, advertising or other content that is used through the Services.

We may share information about you with any entity belonging to the Company group for legitimate business reasons (including managing the Services and offering services to you) according to the law applicable to us. We may also divulge the User Data we collect to

For certain of our Services, we might collect certain data, such as the names of our users as well as their postal address, telephone number, email address, and in certain instances, the name of their employer, company size, and other information about the industry available for rental or on another basis (e.g. or sale) to third-party providers of products and services such as when this information is made available through white papers, webcasts or other downloads sponsored by us.

Suppose you sign up for the co-branded service (a service provided by the partner in the Telstra Speed Test) and register or submit information to the co-branded website. In that case, we permit you to transmit the data back to the partner, which could include third-party service providers whose offerings are integrated into or appear in the Services.

  1. For surveys, when responses are released to the public, users will be notified when they complete the survey. If not, we will release only general information about our survey respondents’ responses to others participating in the poll. When surveys permit users to write comments and when Telstra Speed test advises users about the possibility of disclosure before the time of taking surveys, Telstra Speed test reserves the right to release any information submitted by respondents, subject to the condition that none of the User Information that identifies the individual user is made public.
  2. Telstra Speed Test and a few advertisers may employ third-party advertising service providers to display advertisements, whether for OBA or other reasons and perform other related services whenever you use the Services. In most cases, these third-party advertising companies use cookies and other methods to evaluate the effectiveness of web ads, apps and emails and to record an account of your interaction with our content. These companies use them in conjunction with their advertisements on other websites or applications and for reporting on usage of apps, website traffic and statistics, advertisement information, and other activities that occur through the Services. We also employ third-party companies to assist in the segmentation of our information.
  3. We might also offer to sell or otherwise transfer Online Data to certain third parties, including advertisers, who may use this information to display ads they believe will be relevant to your needs, and they agree to protect the confidentiality of the information. Certain third parties might combine Online Data with their data to give you an even more complete picture.
  4. We may employ third-party providers to assist in the collection, storage, and segmentation of Online Data and the providers are obliged to protect the confidentiality of the information. The third-party providers could gather User Information through our Services to serve their own needs, which may include but not be restricted to monitoring fraud on the Internet.
  5. We also may engage with third-party companies to recognise our customers and provide content based on their interests and advertising. We might share your User Information with our partners, such as your name, address, email address, or other identities. Our partners can include: (i) collect information directly from your device, including your IP address as well as device ID, advertising ID, as well as information about your operating system (ii) mix User Information you’ve obtained through Telstra Speed Test with data about you that comes from other sites or services as well as (iii) create or detect a specific cookie in your browser.
  6. In addition to the other information described herein, the data we collect from all tests that we run through Telstra Speed tests are gathered anonymously and later aggregated to provide performance data to users of our Telstra Speed testing websites as well as its Speedtest servers and hosts, as well as to third-party companies to who we license the data. This is done to offer a neutral and impartial monitoring and reporting service for users across the globe. The only Speedtest results that we do not give to third-party users are the test results from the Use of Speedtest Custom, which is made accessible under the terms of a paid subscription or through white sensory applications that are labelled. In these cases, Speedtest results are the property of Speedtest results are the property of the subscriber and subject to the subscriber’s privacy policies.
  7. The information collected by Speedtest and Sensorly might not be private in the following ways. For example, for certain ISPs and mobile operators, the Telstra Speed test will give full IP addresses, network and device identifiers, hardware for these ISPs, and mobile operator’s clients at demand. Telstra Speed test can provide complete IP addresses and network hardware and device identifiers to the equipment makers and core network or wholesale providers on a case-by-case basis to conduct network research. Telstra Speed test could also collect GeoIP Data and Precise Location Information, and the data may be licensed or transferred to a third party.
  8. Suppose we contract with a third-party processor to process your User Information in this manner. In that case, the Processor is bound by a binding contract to (i) solely process the user Information according to our written instructions before the time of collection and (ii) implement measures to ensure the security and confidentiality that the Users Information provides in conjunction with any other requirements under the law applicable to them.
  9. The Services include links to other websites or partners whose practices regarding information may differ from ours. It is recommended to read the privacy policies of these third-party sites to understand what privacy practices they have in place.

California Consumers

The California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA) offers certain rights to California consumers. If you’re a California resident of California, these additional conditions apply to you.

  1. Right to Know About Information Collected, Disclosed or Sold
  2. You are entitled to request disclosure of the personal information we gather, use, disclose and use, share and even sell. If you already have an account at our site, we’ll confirm the request by verifying that the email address you used to send the request is identical to the email address on file. If you don’t possess an existing account with us, we’ll confirm that the request was made by emailing the email you used to submit the request. We might request additional information relevant to the proposal to approve the request.
  3. Collection of Personal Information
  4. The types of California Consumers’ Personal Information we might collect are described in Section 2. (“What Categories of Information We Process”).In the context of section 2, we might gather Personal Details, including Demographic information as well as Contact Details, Consent Records, Location Information such as precise location Data, Purchase and Pay Details, Employer Details, Views, or Opinions. We also collect other types of information from you or other sources and call “Other Information” in this Policy. According to section 2, it might include, but not be restricted to, information regarding your visits to and interactions and interaction with the Services as well as content and ads on Channels, which can be aggregated; browsing history and interactions with and searches for the e-commerce market, such as merchants and promotions that are included within the Services.
  5. We can gather California consumers’ personal information from the sources described in Section 4 (“How We collect Personal Information from Users”). According to Section 4 above, this could be: Information You Provide as Relationship Data, Information You Make Public Content, Service Data and advertising information, and Third Party Information. Speedtest data when you run Speedtests. Speedtest.We might obtain personal data through the sources listed below as specified under Section 2 (“What Types of Information We process”) GeoIP Data ID, IDFA; IP address ISP, SSID; IMSI, IMEI, Web Beacons; Log files Pixel Tags Local Shared Objects like Flash cookies, as well as Local Storage including HTML5 and similar technologies.
  6. We collect this information for the reasons described in Section 5 (“Purposes for which we might process your personal information”) or to conduct Direct Marketing as outlined in Section 6 (“Direct Marketing”).
  7. Disclosure or Sale of Personal Information
  8. We may be selling or disclosing the types of Personal Information described under Section 9. (“What Information We Disclose to Third Parties”) to fulfil commercial or business purposes.
  9. We have provided Personal Information to the following types of third-party parties for business:
    1. Other entities that are part of other entities within the Company group that have legitimate business purposes, for example, running the Services and other entities within the Company group for legitimate business purposes, such as operating the Services and Services to you
    2. Third Processors to serve the purpose of providing Services to you
    3. Third-party service providers if our Services utilise third-party advertisements, plugins or other content from third-party providers;
    4. Third-party providers who aid in the storage, collection and segmentation of third-party providers to assist with the collection, storage and segmentation of Online Data. These third-party providers could gather the User Information through our Services to fulfil their requirements, including, but not limited to, investigating fraud on the Internet;
    5. Third parties aim to recognise our customers and deliver content and advertising to the users. We might share your User Information with our partners, like your name, address, email address, or other identification information. Our partners could additionally: (i) collect information directly from your device, including your IP address or device ID, your advertising ID, and other information about your operating system (ii) mix User information you have received through Telstra Speedtest with data about you that comes from other sites or services as well as (iii) identify or place the unique cookie in your browser.
    6. Third-party vendors are involved in managing contests, contests, sweepstakes, prize draws or webcasts.
  10. We might have sold or disclosed Personal Information to the following types of third parties with an enterprise or commercial reason:
    1. Third-party providers if our Services use third-party advertising, plugins or other content. If you decide to interact with such ads, plugins, or content, details regarding your actions on our Services and Channels to provide targeted advertising based on your preferences may be provided to the third-party provider of the relevant service. If you tap, click on, or engage with an advertisement, the advertiser might conclude that you meet its requirements;
    2. Third parties aim to recognise our customers and provide content based on their interests and advertising to the users. We might share your User Information with our partners, such as your name, address, email address, or other identification information. Our partners can additionally: (i) collect information directly from your device like your IP address as well as device ID, advertising ID, as well as information regarding your browser or operating system, (ii) blend User information you have obtained through Telstra Speed Test with other information about you that comes from other sites or services or services; and (iii) create or detect the unique cookie in your computer’s browser.
    3. Third parties, such as advertisers that third parties, such as advertisers, use Online Data to serve ads that they believe to be relevant to your interests and who have agreed to keep the confidentiality of the information. Third, companies may combine Online Data along with personal information to create a complete image;
    4. Third-party partners like companies that advertise and market their services, agencies, publishers of content retailers, and third-party providers of goods and services, as well as service providers whose products and services are integrated into or appear in or are integrated into the Services when you access the co-branded services (a service provided by an affiliate of the Telstra Speed Test) or make an application or submit information on the co-branded site. This information will only be shared with us when you permit us to transfer the information we collect back to the third party;
    5. If any sponsors sponsor contests such as sweepstakes, competitions, contests, prize draws, as well as Webcasts, white papers, or other downloads. We will utilise the registration information for these events to form part of User Information. It may be given to the sponsor and other parties as long as they comply with this Policy and the sponsor’s privacy policy.
    6. Third-party suppliers of services and goods on a rental or another basis for certain of our Services, when we collect, we collect information (such as names of customers and their addresses, telephone numbers or email and, in some cases, their employer’s name, business size and other data about the industry) is shared in conjunction with white papers, webcasts or other downloaded content that is sponsored.
    7. If you conduct Speedtest, ISPs and mobile carriers could receive full IP addresses and network hardware or device identifiers for the ISP and mobile operator’s clients at an inquiry. Equipment manufacturers and wholesale or core network providers can also be provided with complete IP addresses, device, web and hardware identifiers on a case-by-case basis to research networks. Third parties could receive GeoIP Data and Precise Location Data.
  11. These Services aren’t designed to be used by children. We do not share the personal information of minors younger than 16 without written consent.

Data Security

We employ the appropriate organisational and technical security measures to secure your personal information. We recommend that any Personal Information you provide to us is safe.

We have taken the appropriate security measures for our organisation and technical standards that protect the User Information against unlawful or accidental destruction and modification, disclosure without authorisation or access by unauthorised persons, and other illegal or unauthorised methods of Processing, in compliance with the applicable laws. In certain circumstances, we may use Secure Sockets Layer encryption and transfer some user Information in a non-human-readable format to ensure security. We cannot, however, guarantee that there will never occur a breach, as well as we cannot be held accountable for any security breach or the actions of a third party.

Since the Internet is an insecure network, data transmission via the Internet isn’t 100% safe. While we take reasonable security measures to protect your personal information, we cannot ensure the security of the data transmitted to us via the Internet. All transmissions are completely at your risk, and you are responsible for ensuring the Personal Information you provide to us is sent securely.

Data Accuracy

We take every action to guarantee that the User Information you provide is accurate, current, and erased or corrected when we discover mistakes.

We make every effort to ensure that the User Information we process is correct and, if required, current and any of your Personal Information we Process that you provide us with is not accurate (having reference to the purpose that they are processed for) is deleted or corrected.

Data Minimization

We take every step in our ability to limit the amount of your User Information we process to what is needed.

We employ every reasonable measure to ensure that the User Information we process is limited to the information reasonably required about the objectives laid in this Policy or as necessary to provide you with services or access to the Services.

Data Retention

We take every precaution to ensure that the User Information you provide is only kept for the required duration. Online Data associated with OBA is retained by Telstra Speed test for no longer than 180 days, after which it will expire subject to certain conditions.

We will take every reasonable step to ensure that your Personal Information is only processed for the minimal time required to fulfil the purposes described within the Policy. The criteria that determine the length of time we retain your User Information are as follows: We keep the copies of your User Information in a format that allows the identification for the time required for the purposes described in this Policy unless the applicable law requires a longer time. Except for a legal requirement that we retain the information, We will keep the information for no more than necessary to meet the legitimate business requirement. Telstra Speed test has historical Speedtest and Sensorly data for the purposes listed within Section 5 above, performing analyses and preparing improvements to the product, preparing market reports in addition to licensing Speedtest as well as Sensorly results to business customers. Telstra Speed test could keep old Speedtest and Sensorly results for archive purposes for the public interest, for scientific or historical research, or for statistical purposes.

In addition to the terms stated within this Privacy Policy, the Online Data related to OBA is kept in the Telstra speed test data for no longer than 180 days, after which it will expire. However, the 180 days could be extended if the user engages in an advertisement, email, other Services, or a channel.

Terms of Use

The Telstra Speed Test Terms of Service govern the Use of the services.

For further information regarding the Services you use, Please go to Telstra Speed Test Terms of Use. This document contains the Telstra Speed test Terms of Use incorporated in this privacy policy.

Please read our Conditions of Use often to check any modifications we introduce from time to time.

How this Privacy Policy Can be modified

We can modify this Privacy Policy periodically, and any changes will be effective when we announce the changes. Suppose there have been any significant changes to this Privacy Policy or our information collection or usage practices. In that case, we will inform you on our website that our Privacy Policy has been modified before the modification is effective. The version posted at the time of posting the Privacy Policy supersedes all prior understandings. The continued access and Use of one of the Services are deemed to be your agreement with this Privacy Policy.

Please review this Privacy Policy frequently to ensure you know the conditions and terms that apply to you.

Contact Information

If you have any concerns or issues, please reach us.

We will address your concerns and work to resolve any issues.